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Bainbridge Bakers is one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier independent “scratch” bakeries.  We’re an “all butter,” “by hand” bakery and we’re proud of the way we do things.  We’ve been doing it on Bainbridge Island, at the same location, for over twenty-five years and are starting to touch the third generation of Islanders who come to the bakery for their favorite treats.

We bake our breads in the French and Italian traditions, every day, offering French loaves and crusty baguettes, natural eight-grain bread, moist and delicious rye and specialty breads, like asiago-potato bread, just to name a few. We are also known for our world-famous Pullaparts- a tasty, slightly sweet, raisin and walnut-studded whole grain breakfast roll.  People drive from all over the Olympic Peninsula for their morning Pullapart! Bainbridge Bakers produces the finest fresh breads, cakes, cookies and pastries around. We even make home made natural dog biscuits!

Kneading doughBesides offering the best morning pastries and breakfast around, we serve an extensive lunch menu, which uses our fresh bakery breads and rolls. We will also gladly cater your next meeting or special event. We provide local businesses and service organizations with sustenance for meetings, and sometimes even a place to meet. A true community has grown up around Bainbridge Bakers.  We work very hard to give our broad cross section of guests an unforgettable customer experience every time, and a reason to come back again.

We’re making pastry and bread the same way, and from the same recipes that were used when the bakery opened its doors.  And in the words of someone who knew what they were talking about, “…if it ain’t broken, don’t try and fix it.”

Come in and visit or call and place your bakery order today!
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